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  Presentation of Fundamental Principles on Official Statistics
You are here: News Archive / 2017-05-24
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Presentation of Fundamental Principles on Official Statistics
Presentation of Fundamental Principles on Official Statistics National Statistics Office of Georgia organized the event -" Fundamental Principles on Official Statistics." Ms. Claudia Junker representative of Eurostat introduced " UN Fundamental Principles on Official Statistics" at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. European Statistics Code of Practice were highlighted in the presentation at the meeting. 
More than 20 years, Ms. Claudia Junker has been involved in several projects implemented by the European Union to enhance official statistics in Eastern and Southern European countries and the former Soviet Union. Currently Ms. Junker leads the structural subdivision in Eurostat and coordinates its cooperation among with these countries. 
According to the statement of Executive Director of Geostat Ms. Meri Daushvili, the visit of a high level representative of Eurostat and sharing of experience is significantly important to fulfill the requirements signed in the framework of Association Agreement between the EU and Georgia. 
The conference contributes to the improvement of national statistical system - strengthening statistical authorities in the country and improving data producing and harmonizing with international standards.
Eurostat organized training course in Tbilisi
Georgia hosts 2-day international training course organized by Eurostat at the hotel "Betsys." The main topics of the training is Balance of Payments and subject related issues. The objective of the training
Water data management practical training
The European Environment Agency (EEA) water experts hold the 4-day training on Building Capacity for Developing Water Information System for the National Statistics Office of Georgia and the Ministry of Environment Pro
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