First session of the Inter-Agency Council on developing the Strategy of Statistical System

Date: 4 July 2019

Today, on July 4, 2019, the first meeting of Inter-Agency Council was held. The council was created for the elaboration of 2020-2023 Strategy of Statistical System and Strategy Action Plan in April of this year, based on the Decree of the Government of Georgia. The council consists of the representatives from eleven agencies and the chairperson of the council is Mr. Gogita Todradze, the Executive Director of GEOSTAT.

During the meeting, held in the “Rooms Hotel”, the members of the council reviewed the elaboration process of the National Statistics Development Strategy and Action Plan, discussed existing challenges and future plans. Mr. Gogita Todradze, Executive Director of GEOSTAT, addressed the participants. He underlined that "the purpose of the preparation of a strategic document is to develop statistical system in the country, to improve the statistical data collection, processing, dissemination and utilization. In addition, the above strategy will be considered as a national policy document that will be developed by active involvement of stakeholders and includes medium and long-term perspectives for strengthening the capacity of statistics in the country".

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the UNDP, Governance Reform Foundation (GRF), as well as international and local experts involved in the project along with members of the Inter-Agency Council. International experts introduced the thematic presentations and documents to the council members. 

The International Expert - Mr. Jerry O'Hanlon presented the Global Assessment Document of the Statistical System implemented by the Eurostat, the United Nations Economic Cooperation for Europe (UNECE) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) in 2018-2019 and the main recommendations in it, within the meeting.

At the end of the meeting the discussion was held and concrete plans were presented on elaboration of strategic document and further development of the statistical system in the country.