The National Statistics Office of Georgia (GEOSTAT) allows its users, with the exception listed below the right to download, use, disseminate, copy, and share to the third party, for commercial and non-commercial purposes, statistical data, metadata, official publications and other published documents placed on GEOSTAT website without prior permission.

The above permission does not apply to any copyrighted material of the third parties, for example, the rights to use photos or illustrations. In this case, permission to use the material must be obtained from the copyright holder or agency.

General permission mentioned above does not include logos and trademarks, except for the cases if they are disseminated as an integral part of a GEOSTAT's publication or if the publications are disseminated unchanged.

Users should indicate Geostat as a source of information when using data of GEOSTAT.

GEOSTAT is not responsible for any loss, damage or other undesirable consequences, including the loss of time, money, reputation and other resources, resulting from the use of its data by users or any other party. GEOSTAT is also not responsible for incorrectly processed and misinterpreted data by the user.