GEOSTAT introduces modern methods of Data Collection

Date: 23 December 2022

The National Statistics Office of Georgia will conduct the of Household Incomes and expenditure survey using the modern method - Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) from January, 2023 and replace paper questionnaires. Due to this a large-scale training is conducted for the field staff of Household Incomes and Expenditure survey during this week.


Introducing a new CAPI method data collection in the Household Incomes and Expenditure survey will reduce the time required for data processing, improving the data quality of statistical information and response burden on respondent. In this regard, more than 150 Geostat’s field staff  are being trained on data collection and survey methodology by using tablets this week.


Software for the computers has been created within the framework of the technical assistance program of the World Bank “Survey Solutions”.
From 2023, the National Statistics Office of Georgia will conduct all statistical surveys using modern CAPI method. 


It should be noted, that Geostat has been collecting the data step by step using the CAPI method in various statistical surveys since 2018, and as well as it has been successfully carried out within the framework of various surveys. From January next year, it will completely replace paper questionnaires.