A Meeting of the Advisory Board was Held in Geostat

Date: 29 December 2022

Today, the first meeting of the Advisory Board of Geostat was held. Geostat’s Advisory Board includes 14 members. The representatives and experts from academic circles, international organizations, public and business sectors are involved in the board.


At the meeting held in the agency, Mr. Gogita Todradze, Executive Director of Geostat and   the Chair of the advisory board, at the same time, presented to the members of the board the activities implemented in 2022 as well as planned for 2023 by Geostat.  During the meeting, the members of the board reviewed such significant topics as: The Statistical Work Program 2023 and the budget of Geostat. 


Advisory Board of Geostat is a consultative body. Its functions include - submitting relevant recommendations with regard to the statistical activities of the Geostat, analyzing and developing recommendations for Statistical Work Program project, analyzing statistical standards and methodology used in statistical activities and preparing proposals for the Board of Geostat, discussing statistical methods of statistical activities; submitting relevant recommendations to the Board with regard to further enhancement of statistical methodology, etc.