A Session of the Advisory Board was held at Geostat

Date: 12 April 2024

A session of the Advisory Board was held at Geostat.


Another meeting of the Advisory Board was held at Geostat. The advisory board, which consists of 14 members, includes representatives and experts from academia, international organizations, public and business sectors.


During the meeting, Mr. Gogita Todradze, the Executive Director of Geostat and Chairman of the board at the same time   presented information regarding the office achievements during the past year, current projects and planned activities.


In addition, the board discussed significant topics such as the Population and Agricultural Census 2024, the National Strategy for Development of Official Statistics in Georgia for 2024- 2027, Geostat budget etc.    


The Advisory Board of Geostat serves as consultative body to Geostat. Its functions include providing consultation on statistical activities, submitting recommendations within its authority, performing scientific analysis of statistical standards and methodologies, preparing recommendations for the Board of Geostat, reviewing modern methods of statistical activities, and providing consultation and submitting proposals for the improvement of statistical methodologies etc.