Agriculture of Georgia 2016

Date: 16 June 2017

Agriculture of Georgia 2016 The main source of agricultural statistics is the sample survey of agricultural holdings, the first round of which was carried out in February 2007. The main source of sample frame for ‎2006-2015 years of surveys was Agricultural Census 2004. The sample frame of the survey has been updated since 2016 and is based on Agricultural Census 2014. The sample size has been increased from 5 000 holdings to 12 000 holdings in 2016. As a result, the data of 2016 is more diverse at the country level as well as by regions.
Due to the changes in the sample frame, the data of 2016 was not comparable to the data of previous years. In order to ensure comparability of data of ‎2014-2017 years, reconciliation of the data has been made for the years of 2014 and 2015. The reconciliation was implemented according to the Statistical Data Revision Policy of Geostat. Methodological support to Geostat was provided by the experts of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the Undated Nations (FAO) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). As a result, Geostat prepared a statistical publication "Agriculture of Georgia 2016", which presents the reconcilated data for the years of ‎‎2014-2015 and the main indicators of the 2016 year survey. About 500 new indicators are presented in the publication for 2016, which were not available before due to the small sample size of the survey.