For the first time in the history, Georgian Statistical System was named among the top 20 European countries

Date: 8 February 2021

Organization “Open Data Watch” has published its fifth Open Data Inventory (ODIN) report, which evaluates the official statistics of countries around the world according to various criteria.
According to ODIN overall assessment of the Georgian Statistical System, in 2020 Georgia earned 69 points. At the same time, the country's rating has improved and ranks 8 places higher compared to the previous rating, and Georgia has moved from 39th to 31st place among the countries of the world.

According to the report, Georgia outstrips 12 EU countries (Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Luxembourg, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Malta) and for the first time in history, was named among the top 20 European countries.

According to the same report, Georgia also outperforms the developed countries such as Japan, the United Kingdom, China and Indonesia. At the same time, according to ODIN, by ranking Georgian Statistical System is at the same level as the ranking of countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Mexico.

The purpose of ODIN is to provide an objective assessment of the coverage and access to official statistics based on the open data definition. For almost five years, Open Data Watch has been describing and evaluating data by countries in the world. Evaluation elements by categories and criteria are available at the link: . In addition, the system also allows data to be compared by year.

In 2020, open data evaluations were conducted in 187 countries, covering 22 statistical categories and 65 indicators. According to the assessment, Georgia is the leader in the region and ranks first place.

The assessment covers the main areas of economic, social, demographic and environmental statistics, such as: national accounts, population and demography, employment, unemployment and price statistics, education and healthcare, gender statistics, crime statistics, poverty rates, public finances, external trade, tax balance, agriculture, environment, energy, etc. The evaluation methodology for each indicator is posted on the Open Data Watch website.

The ODIN 2020 report, which includes data on Georgia (see the link: , was published a few weeks ago.

 See the full version of the report at the link: