Meeting with media representatives

Date: 19 July 2021

The National Statistics Office of Georgia held an off-site seminar for media representatives on July 17-18 in Borjomi. The meeting with journalists was held within the framework of the agreement between GEOSTAT and the United Nations Women (UN Women), with the support of the Norwegian government.

At the seminar, media representatives were provided on the priority areas of official statistics in Georgia, as well as on the production, dissemination and use of gender statistics data.

The seminar was held in a discussion and active Q&A mode. The participants discussed the methodological features of calculating different indicators, such as: GDP, economic growth, employment, unemployment and wage statistics. The participants of the two-day seminar also received comprehensive information on statistical data collection technologies and future plans of GEOSTAT.

According to Gogita Todradze, Executive Director of GEOSTAT, such meetings with journalists are very important and will facilitate not only better informing media representatives about current and planned news in the agency but also to raise the knowledge and awareness necessary for the correct interpretation of data. According to him, similar media seminars are planned in the future.