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  Updated Per Capita Indicators in line with 2014 General Population Census Data
You are here: News Archive / 2018-06-11
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Updated Per Capita Indicators in line with 2014 General Population Census Data
The 2014 General Population Census results revealed the necessity of recalculation of quarterly and annual per capita indicators in order to ensure harmonization of historical data with the census results. 
Main macroeconomic per capita indicators such as quarterly and annual Gross Domestic Product, Gross Output and Gross National Income were revised in line with updated time series from 2014 general population census. 
Data on mid-year population are used in the calculation process of per capita macroeconomic indicators.
External Merchandise Trade of Georgia (January-August, 2018)
Geostat published the data on Consumer Prices of Electricity and Natural Gas
On September 18 of this year Geostat published the 2018 January-July indicator of Consumer Prices of Electricity and Natural Gas. 
Georgia has the
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