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  Memorandum of Understanding was signed between National Statistics Office of Georgia and Tbilisi Open University
You are here: News Archive / 2015-06-03
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Memorandum of Understanding was signed between National Statistics Office of Georgia and Tbilisi Open University
Ms. Meri Daushvili, the Executive Director of National Statistics Office of Georgia, and Mr. Nodar Papukashvili, the Rector of the Open University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The purpose of cooperation is to train qualified specialists and to develop practical skills. Under the cooperation will be organized joint thematic seminars, conferences, public lectures/trainings and other activities. The signed memorandum gives students internship opportunity. According to the statement of sides signing of a memorandum has a huge importance in the process of formation students as highly qualified specialists. Memorandum is a good opportunity for students to improve practical skills.
Geostat Representatives Meeting in Telavi
The National Statistics Office of Georgia starts the informational meetings in the regions. At first stage, the meeting was held in Kakheti Region, particularly in Telavi. The main objective of the upcoming events repr
Personal Inflation Calculator Presentation
The National Statistics Office of Georgia has presented a new application – Personal Inflation Calculator. An event was launched by the executive director of Geostat Ms. Meri Daushvili, explaining that the new applicat
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