Ms. Maria Giuseppina Muratore, sociologist, PHD in Methodology of Social Research, works in Istat since 1994 and is senior researcher since 2004. She is an expert on crime studies, justice statistics and violence against women, is responsible in the last 20 year for victimization surveys and violence against women surveys and from 2017 of the Integrated System on Gender based Violence in Italy. 
At International level, she was one of the key contributors for the UNODC-UNECE Manual of Victimization survey, UNECE manual on Gender statistics and many other reports. Furthermore, she is member of many United Nation and European task forces and Working/expert groups on crime statistics, crime classification (ICCS) and gender based violence.
Recently she is part of the European Commission subgroup on equality data (2018), and she is in charge of supporting the Eurostat Task Force on GBV for developing a common methodology to implement a European Gender Based Violence Survey.
She will share the experience of ISTAT on how to address the users’ needs and communicate meaningful data.

Mr. Vitalie Valcov – General Director of the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova, and has a 20 years’ experience in the field of statistics, during which he managed to ensure the implementation of the fundamental principles of official statistics. In his activity, he held managerial positions, general director being between 2001-2008 and from 2016 until now. He will share the experience of NBS to communicate data, especially gender statistics.

Ms. Lia Charekishvili – Head of Social Infrastructure Statistics Division, Social Statistics Department, National Statistics Office of Georgia – GEOSTAT. Holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics. She has 24 years’ experience working in Statistics Office of Georgia and is responsible for gender statistics. She is involved in development of gender statistics from the starting day. She is a member of working group for elaboration national action plan on gender equality. Since 1994, Ms Lia Charekishvili delivers lectures on Statistics at various universities in Georgia.

Mr. Dustin Gilbreath is the Deputy Research Director of the Caucasus Research Resource Center, Georgia. He is a regular user of official statistics and survey practitioner who focuses on experimental and quasi-experimental impact assessment. In his talk, he will discuss one of the main barriers to the use of official statistics – accessibility – and a straightforward solution to this barrier – online data analysis tools.