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  Results conference for the cooperation project between Geostat and Statistics Sweden
You are here: News Archive / 2018-06-08
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Results conference for the cooperation project between Geostat and Statistics Sweden
Today the result conference for a seven-year cooperation project between Geostat and Statistics Sweden was held at the Radisson Blue Iveria Hotel. At the event parties summarized the main aspects of the cooperation and presented the short analysis of implemented projects to the invited guests. 
As Mr. Gogita Todradze, the Executive Director of National statistics Office of Georgia stated, the cooperation aimed at institutional strengthening of Geostat and increasing its capacity through improving management and statistical methodology as well. Swedish colleagues provided a great assistance by conducting various seminars and study courses. 
The Swedish statisticians have assisted the Georgian colleagues in perfection of price statistics, business statistics, national accounts, information technologies, management, social statistics and environment statistics methodology in the framework of the project. The achievements in business statistics, quality, gender statistics and social statistics are important. The statistical data has been set in accordance with the European standards, the confidentiality policy has been developed, the quality management system has been adopted and refined, the work has begun on a new edition of the law on statistics in the framework of project and the gender statistics publications with a new design have been published. Work has started on foreign visitors’ statistics, which is published since April 2018.
Overall, during almost seven years of cooperation Geostat has received more than a hundred short-term missions with participation of Swedish statistical experts. Within the framework of the project, several publications have been published, seminars and trainings conducted. by the assistance of Swedish colleagues, Geostat staff participated in study visits and summer schools. 
Cooperation project between National Statistics Office of Georgia and Statistics Sweden started in 2011 and consisted of two parts. The first phase was completed in 2011, while the second will last until 1 July of 2018.
External Merchandise Trade of Georgia (January-August, 2018)
Geostat published the data on Consumer Prices of Electricity and Natural Gas
On September 18 of this year Geostat published the 2018 January-July indicator of Consumer Prices of Electricity and Natural Gas. 
Georgia has the
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