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  Training for the users of the Gender Statistics
You are here: News Archive / 2017-12-07
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Training for the users of the Gender Statistics
The National Statistics Office of Georgia carries out a training for the users of the Gender Statistics on 7-8 December in the framework of the "16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence". The meeting is held with the financial support of Statistics Sweden. Within two days, the participants will discuss the issues related to gender statistics in Georgia, review of gender indicators, the use of gender statistics data, the responsibilities of Georgia in the field of Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, etc. The representatives of the government, NGOs, scientific groups and media attend the training.
Open Data Watch Assessed Positively National Statistics System Of Georgia
The Organization Open Data Watch has published the third report of Open Data Inventory(ODIN). The report contains the statistical data openness and full coverage issues, given on the official web-sites of statistics offices.
External Merchandise Trade of Georgia in January-February 2018 (Preliminary)
2018, GEOSTAT Official Website.