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Number of hospital beds, thousands 13.6 12.1 12.8 11.3 11.6 11.7 12.8 13.8
Number of physicians, thousands 20.6 21.2 21.8 19.4 22.4 22.9 24.3 26.6
of which dentists 1.0 1.0 1.3 1.5 1.9 1.8 2.1 2.4
Number of paramedical personnel, thousands 18.6 19.3 17.9 14.1 15.5 15.6 16.4 17.6
Out-patient visits, thousands 7073.7 7623.3 7705.9 9494.7 10974.5 11881.1 13243.9 13079.0

Main characteristics of public health
Number of physicians by occupations
Number of paramedical personnel by basic specialities
Morbidity with acute and chronic diseases by main disease groups
Morbidity of children (0-14 years old) with acute and chronic diseases by main disease groups
Morbidity caused by some infectious disease
Morbidity of patients with sexually transmitted diseases
Morbidity of patients with tuberculoses
Morbidity of patients with HIV/ AIDS
Emergent Medical Care
Energy Balance of Georgia
Geostat Hosts the Colleagues from Azerbaijan
National Statistics Office of Georgia hosts colleagues from the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Within three days, Georgian colleagues will share their experience with in external debt and in
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