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National Accounts Statistics Mission
Project title – National Accounts Statistics Mission 
Beneficiary – National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat) 
Donor – IMF Implementing agency- IMF, Statistics Department 
Period covered – 05/01/2009 - ongoing 
Type of assistance – Technical assistance 
Main objectives – (I) Assess progress in compiling and balancing volume measures; (II) Discuss the implementation of the main recommendations of the 2008 SNA; (III) Follow-up on the recommended methodologies for compiling volume measures for taxes on products, the user cost method for owner-occupied dwellings; improved estimates of consumption of fixed capital and changes in inventories. 
Main results – Enhanced quarterly accounts methodology, improved volume estimates and better classification of final expenditures
Agriculture (Preliminary Data on Animal Husbandry, II quarter, 2018)
Foreign Direct Investments 2017 (Adjusted)
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