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The discrepancy between the 2016 annual data and previously published data (preliminary data) can be explained by the following reasons: 

Updated population frame of active enterprises and improved coverage. Finalization of preliminary data by enterprises. 

1. Business Statistics excludes: 

BY kind of economic activity NACE rev. 1.1: 

Activity sections: J (Financial activities - from 2006), L (Public Administration), P (Private households employing domestic staff and undifferentiated production activities of households for own use) and Q (Activities of extra-territorial organizations and bodies). 

52.62.2 (retail trade on markets and fairs) 

BY kind of economic activity NACE rev. 2: 

Activity sections: K (Financial and Insurance Activities - from 2006), O (Public administration and defence; compulsory social security), T (Activities of Households as Employers; Undifferentiated Goods- and Services-producing Activities of Households for own use) and U (Activities of Extraterritorial Organisations and Bodies).
47.8 (Retail sale via stalls and markets) 

From 2006 - non-commercial legal persons and entities of public law. 

2. The respondents of business statistics survey are only following business entities: 

Limited Liability Company 
Joint Liability Company 
Limited Partnership 
Joint Stock Company 
Individual Enterprise 

3. Surveyed enterprises are classified according to: 

Principal activity; 
Actual address. 

4. Data on value added, intermediate consumption and fixed assets will be published only annually. 

5. Annual indicators of Production Value include subsidies on products (but quarterly data excludes them). 

6. Till 2006 data on some enterprises, which were registered in one region but functioned in several regions are included only in the country aggregated data. From 2006 there data are given according to location of the main office. 
7. Enterprises are grouped by size as follows: large, medium and small. 

Till 2017 year size of enterprises was determined by the following methodology: 

For small enterprises - 20 employees and 500 thousand GEL; 

For medium enterprises - 100 employees and 1500 thousand GEL; 

Large enterprise is an enterprise, in which number of employees exceeds 100 persons, and annual turnover exceeds 1500 thousand GEL; 

Since 2017 size of enterprises determined by the following methodology: 

For small enterprises - 50 employees and 12 Mln GEL; 

For medium enterprises - 250 employees and 60 Mln GEL; 

Large enterprise is an enterprise, in which number of employees exceeds 249 persons, and annual turnover exceeds 60 Mln GEL; 

The discrepancy between the total and sum in some cases can explained by using rounded data.
Producer Price Index in Georgia, May 2018
Producer Price Index for Industrial Products
Gross Domestic Product of Georgia (I quarter, 2018, preliminary)
2018, GEOSTAT Official Website.