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Persons receiving pension and social packages, total, thousands
838.5 835.9 826.8 857.0 857.0 866.2 874.9 887.3 898.1
Persons receiving pension package (old age),
660.0 662.3 666.4 682.9 686.7 697.2 707.7 720.2 732.1

2009-2011 State Pension Recipients.

Number of pensioners registered with social security authorities in 1995-2006
Persons Receiving Pension and Social Packages
Persons Receiving Pension and Social Packages by Regions and Gender
Number of household allowance recipients by categories
Amount of the sum transferred for the household benefit
Data on nursing homes for elderly and disabled persons
Number of Helpless Families Receiving Subsistence Allowance
Beneficiaries of Subsistence Allowance
Child care Institutions
Producer Price Index in Georgia, May 2018
Producer Price Index for Industrial Products
Gross Domestic Product of Georgia (I quarter, 2018, preliminary)
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