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Cooperation project between National Statistics of Georgia (Geostat) and Statistics Sweden
Project title – Cooperation project between National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat) and Statistics Sweden
Beneficiary – National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat)
Donor - Sida
Implementing agency – Statistics Sweden
Period covered – 01/05/2015 –30/06/2018
Type of assistance – Technical assistance
Main objectives – improve the competence of the staff at Geostat, to ensure production of reliable statistics; Develop overall functioning of Geostat, including management and planning issues; Improve the institutional competence, including policies, documentation and standardization, reputation and image of Geostat in the Georgian society. The project focuses on three main areas: support to the development of statistical methods, price statistics and national accounts. Furthermore, the project also comprises collaboration in improving business statistics, management and human resources development issues.
Main results – Methodology improved in CPI and PPI calculations; new weighting system based on total National Accounts; development of new software for PPI; introduced new format of the press release for PPI; implementation of Metadata and new methods in Business Register; improve competence in English language; work on quality management. Training courses in Statistical methods; improvement of sampling for Business Surveys.

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